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777-9311 | The Number Five

Here we’ve hit a midpoint in the numerology cycle, a time for change, a time to shift, a time for a bit of upheaval, if you will.

The number 5 is all about movement, change, momentum. This is a cycle when things start to pick up and change in unexpected directions. In the midst of the cycle of this number, you’ll be taken for a ride.

The Number Five Personal Year

It’s been said that if each yearly cycle was a highway, the number 5 would be the widest and the busiest. This is definitely true regarding the frequency of this year. Buckling up and staying focused is the best way to weather this exciting, busy, Mercury-natured year. This year brings about a bundle of opportunity, and an urge for continued movement and creation. You’ll likely want to relocate or travel and the opportunity to do so will be at your fingertips. Be receptive and open to your urges to create in all forms that you feel. Making solid plans and having a loose sense of structure of some sort around them, using the skills acquired from the stable nature of the previous 4 personal year, will prove to help you in numerous ways. This sense of stability and focus will aid in achieving the creative ideas that are sure to flow like water throughout this year. Those going through this cycle are also known to be a bit indulgent in the recreational substances. Since this is a very high energy, active year, you’ll likely want to be very social as well, and want to truly treat your senses.

The only possible “downside” to this year, is, because you are prone to movement and change and indulgence, excess can crop up as well. Excessive drug use or excessive sex can take place, emphasized by lack of focus if one is not careful, leading to quite a mess that will be unpleasant to say the least once the 6 year energy rolls around.

The Number 5 Life Path

The life path number five is active and full of energy and loves to be constantly on the move. Freedom, change and versatility are hallmark terms of this number, as stagnancy is something that simply does not fly with a Life Path Number 5. It takes a while for the life path 5 to settle down with a partner, as this number loves the liveliness and variety of dating and meeting new people. Due of this, and due to being prone to break a few too many rules by nature, the number 5 Life Path may indeed make many mistakes or give their heart to the wrong person. But with focus and the trusting of higher-self instincts, this number will link with the right person or circumstance that will enable them their desired freedoms and path.

The Number 5 House

The Number 5 house is the party house! The doors of this house are always swinging open to company and friends, and this home is likely to house artists and creatives. The ever-changing energy of the 5 house is wonderful for singles who work in freelance, as this is a fantastic energy to navigate with a career that is just as ever-changing. Because of the active nature of the 5, this house will likely have many electronics that will allow for communication of all sorts, considering the mercurial frequency of the 5. The décor and look of this house is likely to change often for the same reasons, maintaining the essence of constant fluctuation in this household. Inhabitants may be prone to restlessness, and couples may encounter problems, especially if one person of the pair wants serious commitment. If looking for stability, this is not the house where you will find it. Mercury Retrograde also tends to affect this house more so than others, considering that Mercury rules the number 5.

Stay tuned for more Numerology, and thanks for reading!!  As always, remember to #keepdancing

777-9311 | The Number Four

The Number Four

As we enter the last new moon of the year, a new moon in stabilizing Earth sign Capricorn, this is a perfect time to introduce the solid, structured nature of the number 4.  When thinking of the number four, we think of the four walls of a room or a box, the four legs that hold up a stable table, the four directions, the four seasons that complete a year.  The number four is all about hard work and getting things done, structure, consistency, reliability, stability. You get the picture!! The number four is the one who puts in all the work to keep the foundations solid for larger numbers in the second half of a cycle to plant and grow. The number four is a very grounding number.

The number four.jpg

The Number Four Life Path:

A person born under he number Four is the diligent hard worker. It is she who is very organized, thoughtful and well-planned. Fours by nature usually stick to the structures they have set, and see their very specific goals to the end, rarely deviating from their plan for “safety’s” sake. Number fours are incredibly dependable, therefore make great partners and friends. You can always count on the very steady energy of the four to strategically take care of an issue and to always have a plan of action. If the number four is in your circle, she’s got your back, and always will. Number fours make great teachers as they have analytical, disciplined minds, as they maintain the multitudes of information acquired from all their hard work. The number four holds a very Virgoan energy, as they like to keep things tidy and have everything “In it’s place”. Number fours are builders, and are often inclined towards carpentry, construction or engineering, if not in analytical business positions like a lawyer or accountant. The only partial downside to our very hard-working number four, is that their consistency can easily turn into stagnancy if they are not careful!! In the midst of all the planning a number four surely does, it would be wise of her to plan fun outdoor trips and festivities to balance out all the hard work she’s done. Get out there! Live a little!! Your work will always be there, and it will SURELY get done and done well if you’re in charge.


Number Four Personal Year:

This is a year to get down to serious business. It’s a time to set plans and specific goals and work towards them. In doing so, one is almost always granted success, enjoying the fruits of their labor only after one has put in the required diligence under the vibration of the number four, a very Earth-ruled energy. During this year, things may feel a bit stagnant and slow-moving. Don’t worry! This is normal and required to keep you in line with your quest and what will be coming shortly after the resolving of this cycle. Much growth and maturity is usually achieved during this cycle as you will be structured into some ongoing pattern, giving you the opportunity to observe your behaviors, make corrections, and keep working. At some point in this cycle much will be required of you at your job or place of work, possibly in a leadership position. This would likely happen inside a 1, 4, or 8 month, as these numbers deal much with leadership, structured consistent hard work, and business.  More on that later!!


Number Four House Number:

If you’re looking for a stability, this is surely the place to be. The on-goings of this home are steady and grounded, working like a well-oiled machine. In this home there is usually a routine that is kept to very closely, with all its inhabitants living most harmoniously when working well in sync to keep it going. Goals and wealth are very well achievable and actually encouraged under the vibration of the number four house, however none of the these things will come easy. This house is made for those with “realistic” goals and aspirations, who are willing to work hard and persistently to achieve them. The physical foundation of this house must always be kept under a watchful eye, as working to maintain its structure is part of the vibration this house holds. This home encourages focus and attention to detail, therefore if she who lives here is looking for adventure, she has come to the wrong place. The restrictive nature of the number four may cause frustrations, as things may not move as quickly as desired. However! With hard work, patience and consistent upkeep, living in a four house can prove to be stabilizing, and pleasant.

Stay tuned for more New Moon Numerology, suckas!!! See you on the next dark moon. Thanks for readin'!!

777-9311 | The Number Three

So. Here we've reached the number of our precious little social butterfly, the number three. The number three entails enthusiasm, brightness, hope, joviality, and all things bright, light and beaming. The number three simply CANNOT be contained. Being the creative child of the masculine 1 and the feminine 2, the number 3's strengths are almost always embodied with creative extroversion. 

The Number Three Life Path 

The number three life path is one of vociferous buoyancy. She almost always chooses a career that will allow her to utilize her voice in a broad manner, whether it be public speaking, singing or something of the like. If she does not chose a career of this field, she is always an artist of sorts, flapping her flair about wherever it is that she may go, lighting up her path with such brilliance and sparkle. The number three is the most social of all numbers, a perpetual child at heart who loves to be fun and social, and is primarily driven by external forces, and said forces' effect on their reality. Though the Life Path Three's brilliance is hard not to adore, she is also undoubtedly known to be a bit engulfed in superficiality. The three loves all things bright and shiny, therefore what she exhibits to the world will be as such. Though "downfall" is such a strong word to use for this precious gem, the Number Three Life Path may lack just a bit in depth of it's innards, the deep meanings of life and all that it's wrapped within being a bit too deep for the surface-skimming starlet. However, this is only so if the Three Life Path chooses not to delve deeper into herself and the dark corners of her psyche, despite the inherent dominance of her sunny disposition. All numbers and beings have strength and ability to counteract and elevate the vibration of their weaknesses to a higher state, so that they are no longer a "weakness".

The Number Three Personal Year

Turn on the spotlights! Because this is YOUR year. The 3 personal year allots an incredible amount of room for creative freedom and expression. You'll find that this year will be blanketed in a continuous stream of new ideas for creative endeavors or business, all of which you will have the power and resources to execute at your fingertips. This is not to be said that there won't be work that's needed to make these things happen, as laziness can make this a year easily wasted. During this year it will be best to submerge yourself in social situations galore. Grow your social and professional network to help you build the empire you desire. This is the third year in a 9 year cycle, so you will likely be building more of what you started a couple of years back in your number 1 personal year.  Remember that the number three is all about action, vitality, brightness and being social, so make sure you GET OUT THERE, use your resources, and work for what you want. With these things in mind you cannot fail. 

The Number Three House Number

Three is definitely company, and more than likely, an actual party.  Keeping true to the number three vibration, this house will often have lots of company and good cheer between those who reside within it. Inhabitants are often optimistic and kind, but also perfectionist making this place of residency often beautiful and coveted. This expansive house imparts an air of freedom. Those who live here are often of an artistic disposition, and will find themselves traveling far and wide only to return to their intensely creative abode. The possible downsides of this home includes excessive spending or living, with impulsiveness cropping up unexpectedly. However, as always, recognition of these factors can help them be avoided completely.    

More numbers are on the way to act as a helping hand, a guide, a little tug on the veil of life.  As always thanks for reading, see you soon, and remember to #KeepDancing ;)


777-9311 | We Live in a Fuckin Hologram, Bro

Today I was thinking of how most astrologers draw their conclusions from an American entity called NASA, a government run entity that is now being revealed as a source of information that has lied to the masses regarding where important factors of its information was being gathered. Large American entities in power have been very well known to purposely feed the populace information that is not entirely true, in the form of sub-psychological enforcement of consumerism, the consumption of deliberately poisonous foods, synthetic medicines, etc., for the sake of power. Distraction, when signs of wakefulness in the people occurs, appear in American culture in the form of celebrity exploitation, non-educational digital media (Pokeman Go), the planting of supposed life- threatening viruses (Ebola), etc. But why?

Many of the largely-sweeping events of crisis that take place on Planet Earth, like those that sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Astrologers accredit to planetary interactions taking place within the heavens. But if these Astrologers are gathering their information from NASA, an entity we know is not completely trust worthy, how do we know what they are gathering is true at all? Power over third dimensional beings (humans) is something that is highly sought after and is a power that is willingly given by the "victim" (the masses), whether consciously realized or not.

In 3D these planets exist, we exist, however all of this may only be a product of our collective consciousness, and agreement that it all exists.

That which created the Universe in which we live  knows that dominance in pigment (melanin) entails a dominance in power. That is why the Universe itself is BLACK. All that we are cradled within is the deepest depth of black. Why is the magician, the occultist, the witch draped in black? Because this depth of color is where the power lies. To me there is no coincidence in the black population being at high risk, supposedly because of "this planet conjunction that planet", (which supposedly affects the consciousness of the people), when the basis of this information is being received from an untrustworthy entity.

We may very well be living in a hologram completely of our own collective creation, that of which can be escaped whenever we decide it's time. The Architect only has this power until we collectively look up and look it in the face and say "I know what you're doing, I know wtf is going on, bro. No more." I don't really have an interest in being a piece in "someone's" game, but how do we STOP the game completely? Are WE the architect in itself? The power of the collective consciousness implies this.

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777-9311 | The Number One

When considering the certain vibration of a number, I think of the most prominent ways it could possibly affect one’s life. The Life Path Number, the Personal Year Number, and the House Number are what I like to consider first. Note that there are a *vast* array of numbers in one’s numerological birth chart that carry varying degrees of influence. There are numbers all around us that we encounter throughout each day that affect us, or are there as guides, like arrows along a path or tell-tale signs of what’s to come. However, the three aforementioned numbers-the Life Path being strongest and most important- govern, to  a certain extent, the vibration of one’s current incarnation, the vibration and influence of the current 12 month cycle this incarnation is passing through, and the influence of the place where this incarnation resides. Because these three things are staples in our reality and are generally present for considerably extended amounts of time, (but are still compartmentalized into easily discernible cycles), it is incredibly important to acknowledge the influences they may bring, to help one understand the nature of circumstances that may occur, how to maneuver one’s way around them, and what it is that one is to learn from said current cycle (as ALL of, well... EVERYTHING is about the learning process towards ascension). Numerology empowers you to view these elements of your reality in a completely different light to see subtle influences and developed patterns which can then be counteracted with knowledge and wisdom. Here I’ll explain how The Number One can hold influence for all three elements of one’s reality, as Life Path Number, a Personal Year Number, and a House Number.

Number One Life Path:

Independence, scholarship, leadership, force, and power, are all hallmark terms that describe the energy of the Life Path Number One. The number one takes no shit, and wants nothing more than to lead all of it’s admiring followers (and there are many) through the heart of its own agenda. Life Path Number 1 folks were likely entrepreneur-minded before it was cool, holding a determinative stance on who they are and what they believe in from the get. It also must be noted that at the core of all of this, lies a heart of gold. As fierce, forceful, and powerful as the Life Path One is with it’s unique insights and ideals, it Loves with just as much, if not more tenacity and strength, making a Life Path One really hard not to Love. Inherently authoritative and always the one to get shit done, it’s incredible will power is matched by few. Because of their incessant pursuit of what they desire and believe is important, Life Path Number One’s  are rarely “failures”, and are often times renowned for their success. As there are two sides to every token (as duality somewhat rules this plane of existence), there are also negative attributes to be considered and avoided.

Life Path Number One’s are known for their “My way or the highway” antics, their forcefulness at times morphing into single-mindedness and condescension  if they are not mindful of how they communicate and/or view a situation or other people. Ones have been known to be cold and insensitive, as they can easily become blinded by their own motives and goals. Alternatively, if the One does not step into it’s natural position of authority (from a place of love, of course) a One can easily fall into passivity, unhappily being a sheep, unbalanced in its dependence of others as it is not aligning with it’s true purpose of power and leadership. So if you’re a Life Path One, ovary up, get shit done and CONQUER THE WORLD. Your world, that is.  

Find your Life Path Number by reducing the day, month and year of your birth down to a single digit by adding them all together. For example…Olivia’s birthday is December 10th, 1993, and numerologically would look like this:

Month: 1+2= 3

Day: 1+0=1

Year: 1+9+9+3= 22, 2+2=4

Add all three numbers together: 3+1+4= 8

Lady Luck Olivia’s Life Path number is 8. Yes, this means she is infinite ;)

Number One Personal Year:

Because the number one initiates, a Number One Personal Year is allll about new beginnings and embarking on a new chapter, new adventures for you to devour and learn from.* This year is also about independence and getting things done on your own and stepping into your personal power. This is a great time to start a new business, relocate, start a new relationship, business or personal, etc. The One is about starts. This is where you’re constructing a foundation--make sure it’s a solid one--to build the following 8 years of this cycle upon. Usually what you find yourself doing the most or pouring yourself into the most during a Number one personal year is what will transpire throughout said remaining 8 years. You’re literally weaving together a certain vibration that will extend itself through the tapestry of that current life cycle, always being present  in one way or another, continuously reoccurring through many of your life circumstances. It is in your best interest to maximize on this energy and follow where it leads you (or furthermore where you’re leading yourself) as this is a path that is directly meant for you, and opportunities related to it will present themselves with ease. The One Personal Year is here to teach you that it is up to you to CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. This life is no one’s but YOURS and the One Personal Year is a golden opportunity to paint a detailed picture of exactly how you want your life to look for the next 9 years. Paint wisely :)

Find your Personal Year Number by adding the month and day of your birth along with the year you are making the calculation for. For example, Olivia’s Personal Year number for 2016 would be:

Birth Month: 1+2= 3

Birth Day: 1+0= 1

Current Year: 2+0+1+6= 9

Add all three numbers together: 3+1+9= 13, 1+3= 4

Olivia’s Personal Year Number for 2016 is 4 (significance explained in the future)

Number One House Number:

Simple things like what country, what state, what city, what neighborhood (and the mindset of its inhabitants) you live in all effect your way of life in subtle (or not so subtle) but sure ways, so why wouldn’t the house you live in and it’s vibration affect you? Yup, that’s right IT DOES. A Number One House Number, as the rest of things represented by a number One, is all about independence. The number One House house can be considered “The Boss’ house,” as it likely will inspire creativity, self-care, self-reliance and the initiative to start new things, be it a business or other ventures with intention and persistence, and of course eventually success. This house is not the best when seeking partnership or over-arching harmony with others, as the One house is all about  building the self. It may inspire one to truly step into one’s own personal power, strengthening one’s sense of self-reliance, self-confidence and determination, the strongest leadership aspects of its resident being amplified. Hot power colors like red, blood-orange and gold are suggested for this house, and will only add to it’s inherent vibration of personal empowerment.

To find your house number, add and reduce to a single digit the address numbers outside your door, or your apartment number, and reduce it to a single digit. For example: The address 2839 N. 48th St. would be:

2+8+3+9= 22, 2+2= 4

This house would be a stable number 4.

If you live in an apartment, simply adding together the numbers on your front door will do. For example, apartment number 13 would be:


This apartment would also be a stable number 4.

*It must be said that 2017 is Universal Year Number One, bringing in brand new beginnings for the planet as a whole!! :D This fact is evident in politics alone, and should be heeded.

More numbers are on the way to help you understand better wtf is going on around here!!

Happy Lunar First Quarter, and as always, thanks for reading! See you soon, and remember to #KeepDancing!


777-9311 | A Comprehensive Guide to Numerology & Universal Rhythms

Well, well, well. Here we’ve arrived at the true commencement of eclipse season with a solar eclipse in Virgo. This extra special treat is an annular (total) solar eclipse that in turn gives this dark of the moon an extra punch of potent power. Here, our darling twilight-illuminated orb holds the power of a new moon AND a full moon all in one night. OOooo what a flashy power-hoarding queen La Lune is in this position…and we all get to catch the blessings of the beams she expels. Insert water droplet emoji. I’m assuming all of you star babies are aware, but just in case you aren’t…

New Moons hold energy and power that’s all about planting new seeds and setting intentions for what you want to come to fruition over the next one month lunar cycle, or on a larger scale, what you’d like to see manifest by said corresponding full moon of the same astrological sign approximately 6 months into the future. Working with these energies and the lunar rhythms that we poses inherently, can greatly increase your chances and likely hood of pinning down the fullest manifestation of your intentions in the way you see fit, often times to a grander extent than you could have imagined*. You know that saying, “When you decide you want something, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen”? This is a very true statement, people. However, what this statement does not directly tell you, is that the word ‘Uni-verse’ literally means ‘One Song’. Yes…yes that’s right, folks… and everything is going to the beat.

Two of the specific rhythms we are living (dancing) to, is the dark of the new moon and the light of the full moon. Therefore if one takes specific actions during these specific times (on beat), you are then conspiring and working with the natural energies and rhythms of the Universe using its specific pre-structured timing (in addition to your inherent inner lunar rhythms) to in turn get what you want, or more accurately, what is yours. Working with the natural rhythms of the Universe is ensuring that the specific imprints you make are what you receive (though at times arriving composed of unforeseen elements), not to mention greatly expedites the process as there are significantly less obstacles to bypass or overcome when you are walking a path that is already set out for you, or rather that you’ve already set or uncovered for yourself**.

Full Moons hold energy that is all about fruition, being birthed, final stages before succeeding to the next level, completion, fullness, results of hard work, the icing on the cake, etc. This is generally where you’ll see the manifestation of what you planted just a few weeks prior at the new moon, or at a corresponding new moon of the same sign approximately 6 months prior. During the light of the full moon, La Luna is at her most powerful, using all of what she has gathered and learned over the past lunar cycle to shine as brightly as she possibly can, boastful as fuck in her full frontal illuminating exposure. This day will usually feel charged and empowering, at times maybe even unruly with a bit of hedonism seeping into your psyche. You wouldn’t be the first to fall prey, considering the very roots of the word lunacy. Some have been known to plant during the light of the full moon as opposed to the new moon. Specific days and times that are best for planting can be found in any handy ephemeris and/or aspectarian.

With new moons and full moons, you are making your own unique imprints inside a vacancy that has been and will always be ever-present. Your dna is swallowed up into the ethos, into the fertile soil where it is harnessed, brewing for a cycle and one cycle only, then spat back out the other side in its most fruitful form, or to the fullest it could possibly reach within said single cycle. Continuous rhythmic building is something that can absolutely be done in one’s favor, but that’s a different topic altogether…

These eclipsed moons are gaping portals to a new world, new opportunities…new characters within a new setting to your story. Keep this in mind when approaching every eclipse season and remember to keep your mind and heart open to the journey that is meant for you as you open this new chapter.

Numbers and numerology play a big part in how these Universal rhythms function and often times further explains events that may be taking place during these cycles. Specific details of circumstances that may seem a bit obscure within your astrology are little pockets that Numerology tends to fill perfectly. Stars and numbers are two puzzle pieces to the Universe that fit perfectly together to unlock and help you remember hidden truths that already lie deep inside you.

The number 7 is considered a “Divine” number by some, and is a sacred occult number to others. It is certainly a staple number of great importance to humanity, as there are 7 major chakras that compose the human aura, 7 major scales in music, 7 days of the week that correspond to 7 major planets, and so on. However, the number 7 does not complete a full cycle, as the number 9 (an important multiple of 3) is the number of completion and endings. For example, it takes 9 months for a baby to be fully prepared to exit its first home, 9 planets complete our solar system, not to mention we are currently in a number 9 Universal year, the vibration of which can be easily realized through all of the deaths of great artistic giants we’ve all experienced this year.  

But what does it all mean??!

In the coming weeks, for you I will define each number in detail to provide understanding as to what these numbers mean, and how it can be utilized to your benefit, starting with our leader, the number One.

Hold tight! Good shit’s on the way, folks. And as always, thanks for reading.

*Keep in mind that the energy of the work you are doing will return to you, completely infused into whatever person, object, or circumstance you have decided to conjure by the power of the moon. So, it is best to always make sure you are grounded, in your best mindset, and approaching your work with a pure heart and positive intentions only when doing your work. Anything else you expel in to the ethos will surely come back to greet you, to teach you a delightful little lesson. Drawing a cleansing salt bath (utilizing salts that align with your intentions, found at your local occult & curios shop), meditation, and Earthing outdoors are just a few fantastic ways to ensure your vessel's is in its best state to attract what you desire. Oh, and…be careful what you wish for.

**One of the only ways (that I’m aware of) to expedite the manifestation process is the transcendence of space and time, piercing the fabric of reality, if you will.  This feat is *not* impossible, yet is seemingly solely accessible to those who have quite an elevated consciousness level, a.ka., are fucking untouchable. This state of consciousness is achievable for any living human being with incredible depth of knowledge of self. Consistent visualization is also a basic and powerful way to manifest the reality of your desires, as it is literally the 7 circuits of the brain’s JOB to physically create (in 3 D) the images you keep playing over and over in your mind’s eye.

But for those tough-to-get-out stains…and for taking over the world…Eclipses really seem to do the trick ;)

See you soon and remember to #KeepDancing! Listen...the Universe is playing your favorite song.