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777-9311 | The Number Three

So. Here we've reached the number of our precious little social butterfly, the number three. The number three entails enthusiasm, brightness, hope, joviality, and all things bright, light and beaming. The number three simply CANNOT be contained. Being the creative child of the masculine 1 and the feminine 2, the number 3's strengths are almost always embodied with creative extroversion. 

The Number Three Life Path 

The number three life path is one of vociferous buoyancy. She almost always chooses a career that will allow her to utilize her voice in a broad manner, whether it be public speaking, singing or something of the like. If she does not chose a career of this field, she is always an artist of sorts, flapping her flair about wherever it is that she may go, lighting up her path with such brilliance and sparkle. The number three is the most social of all numbers, a perpetual child at heart who loves to be fun and social, and is primarily driven by external forces, and said forces' effect on their reality. Though the Life Path Three's brilliance is hard not to adore, she is also undoubtedly known to be a bit engulfed in superficiality. The three loves all things bright and shiny, therefore what she exhibits to the world will be as such. Though "downfall" is such a strong word to use for this precious gem, the Number Three Life Path may lack just a bit in depth of it's innards, the deep meanings of life and all that it's wrapped within being a bit too deep for the surface-skimming starlet. However, this is only so if the Three Life Path chooses not to delve deeper into herself and the dark corners of her psyche, despite the inherent dominance of her sunny disposition. All numbers and beings have strength and ability to counteract and elevate the vibration of their weaknesses to a higher state, so that they are no longer a "weakness".

The Number Three Personal Year

Turn on the spotlights! Because this is YOUR year. The 3 personal year allots an incredible amount of room for creative freedom and expression. You'll find that this year will be blanketed in a continuous stream of new ideas for creative endeavors or business, all of which you will have the power and resources to execute at your fingertips. This is not to be said that there won't be work that's needed to make these things happen, as laziness can make this a year easily wasted. During this year it will be best to submerge yourself in social situations galore. Grow your social and professional network to help you build the empire you desire. This is the third year in a 9 year cycle, so you will likely be building more of what you started a couple of years back in your number 1 personal year.  Remember that the number three is all about action, vitality, brightness and being social, so make sure you GET OUT THERE, use your resources, and work for what you want. With these things in mind you cannot fail. 

The Number Three House Number

Three is definitely company, and more than likely, an actual party.  Keeping true to the number three vibration, this house will often have lots of company and good cheer between those who reside within it. Inhabitants are often optimistic and kind, but also perfectionist making this place of residency often beautiful and coveted. This expansive house imparts an air of freedom. Those who live here are often of an artistic disposition, and will find themselves traveling far and wide only to return to their intensely creative abode. The possible downsides of this home includes excessive spending or living, with impulsiveness cropping up unexpectedly. However, as always, recognition of these factors can help them be avoided completely.    

More numbers are on the way to act as a helping hand, a guide, a little tug on the veil of life.  As always thanks for reading, see you soon, and remember to #KeepDancing ;)