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777-9311 | The Number Four

The Number Four

As we enter the last new moon of the year, a new moon in stabilizing Earth sign Capricorn, this is a perfect time to introduce the solid, structured nature of the number 4.  When thinking of the number four, we think of the four walls of a room or a box, the four legs that hold up a stable table, the four directions, the four seasons that complete a year.  The number four is all about hard work and getting things done, structure, consistency, reliability, stability. You get the picture!! The number four is the one who puts in all the work to keep the foundations solid for larger numbers in the second half of a cycle to plant and grow. The number four is a very grounding number.

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The Number Four Life Path:

A person born under he number Four is the diligent hard worker. It is she who is very organized, thoughtful and well-planned. Fours by nature usually stick to the structures they have set, and see their very specific goals to the end, rarely deviating from their plan for “safety’s” sake. Number fours are incredibly dependable, therefore make great partners and friends. You can always count on the very steady energy of the four to strategically take care of an issue and to always have a plan of action. If the number four is in your circle, she’s got your back, and always will. Number fours make great teachers as they have analytical, disciplined minds, as they maintain the multitudes of information acquired from all their hard work. The number four holds a very Virgoan energy, as they like to keep things tidy and have everything “In it’s place”. Number fours are builders, and are often inclined towards carpentry, construction or engineering, if not in analytical business positions like a lawyer or accountant. The only partial downside to our very hard-working number four, is that their consistency can easily turn into stagnancy if they are not careful!! In the midst of all the planning a number four surely does, it would be wise of her to plan fun outdoor trips and festivities to balance out all the hard work she’s done. Get out there! Live a little!! Your work will always be there, and it will SURELY get done and done well if you’re in charge.


Number Four Personal Year:

This is a year to get down to serious business. It’s a time to set plans and specific goals and work towards them. In doing so, one is almost always granted success, enjoying the fruits of their labor only after one has put in the required diligence under the vibration of the number four, a very Earth-ruled energy. During this year, things may feel a bit stagnant and slow-moving. Don’t worry! This is normal and required to keep you in line with your quest and what will be coming shortly after the resolving of this cycle. Much growth and maturity is usually achieved during this cycle as you will be structured into some ongoing pattern, giving you the opportunity to observe your behaviors, make corrections, and keep working. At some point in this cycle much will be required of you at your job or place of work, possibly in a leadership position. This would likely happen inside a 1, 4, or 8 month, as these numbers deal much with leadership, structured consistent hard work, and business.  More on that later!!


Number Four House Number:

If you’re looking for a stability, this is surely the place to be. The on-goings of this home are steady and grounded, working like a well-oiled machine. In this home there is usually a routine that is kept to very closely, with all its inhabitants living most harmoniously when working well in sync to keep it going. Goals and wealth are very well achievable and actually encouraged under the vibration of the number four house, however none of the these things will come easy. This house is made for those with “realistic” goals and aspirations, who are willing to work hard and persistently to achieve them. The physical foundation of this house must always be kept under a watchful eye, as working to maintain its structure is part of the vibration this house holds. This home encourages focus and attention to detail, therefore if she who lives here is looking for adventure, she has come to the wrong place. The restrictive nature of the number four may cause frustrations, as things may not move as quickly as desired. However! With hard work, patience and consistent upkeep, living in a four house can prove to be stabilizing, and pleasant.

Stay tuned for more New Moon Numerology, suckas!!! See you on the next dark moon. Thanks for readin'!!