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777-9311 | A Comprehensive Guide to Numerology & Universal Rhythms

Well, well, well. Here we’ve arrived at the true commencement of eclipse season with a solar eclipse in Virgo. This extra special treat is an annular (total) solar eclipse that in turn gives this dark of the moon an extra punch of potent power. Here, our darling twilight-illuminated orb holds the power of a new moon AND a full moon all in one night. OOooo what a flashy power-hoarding queen La Lune is in this position…and we all get to catch the blessings of the beams she expels. Insert water droplet emoji. I’m assuming all of you star babies are aware, but just in case you aren’t…

New Moons hold energy and power that’s all about planting new seeds and setting intentions for what you want to come to fruition over the next one month lunar cycle, or on a larger scale, what you’d like to see manifest by said corresponding full moon of the same astrological sign approximately 6 months into the future. Working with these energies and the lunar rhythms that we poses inherently, can greatly increase your chances and likely hood of pinning down the fullest manifestation of your intentions in the way you see fit, often times to a grander extent than you could have imagined*. You know that saying, “When you decide you want something, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen”? This is a very true statement, people. However, what this statement does not directly tell you, is that the word ‘Uni-verse’ literally means ‘One Song’. Yes…yes that’s right, folks… and everything is going to the beat.

Two of the specific rhythms we are living (dancing) to, is the dark of the new moon and the light of the full moon. Therefore if one takes specific actions during these specific times (on beat), you are then conspiring and working with the natural energies and rhythms of the Universe using its specific pre-structured timing (in addition to your inherent inner lunar rhythms) to in turn get what you want, or more accurately, what is yours. Working with the natural rhythms of the Universe is ensuring that the specific imprints you make are what you receive (though at times arriving composed of unforeseen elements), not to mention greatly expedites the process as there are significantly less obstacles to bypass or overcome when you are walking a path that is already set out for you, or rather that you’ve already set or uncovered for yourself**.

Full Moons hold energy that is all about fruition, being birthed, final stages before succeeding to the next level, completion, fullness, results of hard work, the icing on the cake, etc. This is generally where you’ll see the manifestation of what you planted just a few weeks prior at the new moon, or at a corresponding new moon of the same sign approximately 6 months prior. During the light of the full moon, La Luna is at her most powerful, using all of what she has gathered and learned over the past lunar cycle to shine as brightly as she possibly can, boastful as fuck in her full frontal illuminating exposure. This day will usually feel charged and empowering, at times maybe even unruly with a bit of hedonism seeping into your psyche. You wouldn’t be the first to fall prey, considering the very roots of the word lunacy. Some have been known to plant during the light of the full moon as opposed to the new moon. Specific days and times that are best for planting can be found in any handy ephemeris and/or aspectarian.

With new moons and full moons, you are making your own unique imprints inside a vacancy that has been and will always be ever-present. Your dna is swallowed up into the ethos, into the fertile soil where it is harnessed, brewing for a cycle and one cycle only, then spat back out the other side in its most fruitful form, or to the fullest it could possibly reach within said single cycle. Continuous rhythmic building is something that can absolutely be done in one’s favor, but that’s a different topic altogether…

These eclipsed moons are gaping portals to a new world, new opportunities…new characters within a new setting to your story. Keep this in mind when approaching every eclipse season and remember to keep your mind and heart open to the journey that is meant for you as you open this new chapter.

Numbers and numerology play a big part in how these Universal rhythms function and often times further explains events that may be taking place during these cycles. Specific details of circumstances that may seem a bit obscure within your astrology are little pockets that Numerology tends to fill perfectly. Stars and numbers are two puzzle pieces to the Universe that fit perfectly together to unlock and help you remember hidden truths that already lie deep inside you.

The number 7 is considered a “Divine” number by some, and is a sacred occult number to others. It is certainly a staple number of great importance to humanity, as there are 7 major chakras that compose the human aura, 7 major scales in music, 7 days of the week that correspond to 7 major planets, and so on. However, the number 7 does not complete a full cycle, as the number 9 (an important multiple of 3) is the number of completion and endings. For example, it takes 9 months for a baby to be fully prepared to exit its first home, 9 planets complete our solar system, not to mention we are currently in a number 9 Universal year, the vibration of which can be easily realized through all of the deaths of great artistic giants we’ve all experienced this year.  

But what does it all mean??!

In the coming weeks, for you I will define each number in detail to provide understanding as to what these numbers mean, and how it can be utilized to your benefit, starting with our leader, the number One.

Hold tight! Good shit’s on the way, folks. And as always, thanks for reading.

*Keep in mind that the energy of the work you are doing will return to you, completely infused into whatever person, object, or circumstance you have decided to conjure by the power of the moon. So, it is best to always make sure you are grounded, in your best mindset, and approaching your work with a pure heart and positive intentions only when doing your work. Anything else you expel in to the ethos will surely come back to greet you, to teach you a delightful little lesson. Drawing a cleansing salt bath (utilizing salts that align with your intentions, found at your local occult & curios shop), meditation, and Earthing outdoors are just a few fantastic ways to ensure your vessel's is in its best state to attract what you desire. Oh, and…be careful what you wish for.

**One of the only ways (that I’m aware of) to expedite the manifestation process is the transcendence of space and time, piercing the fabric of reality, if you will.  This feat is *not* impossible, yet is seemingly solely accessible to those who have quite an elevated consciousness level, a.ka., are fucking untouchable. This state of consciousness is achievable for any living human being with incredible depth of knowledge of self. Consistent visualization is also a basic and powerful way to manifest the reality of your desires, as it is literally the 7 circuits of the brain’s JOB to physically create (in 3 D) the images you keep playing over and over in your mind’s eye.

But for those tough-to-get-out stains…and for taking over the world…Eclipses really seem to do the trick ;)

See you soon and remember to #KeepDancing! Listen...the Universe is playing your favorite song.