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777-9311 | The Number One

When considering the certain vibration of a number, I think of the most prominent ways it could possibly affect one’s life. The Life Path Number, the Personal Year Number, and the House Number are what I like to consider first. Note that there are a *vast* array of numbers in one’s numerological birth chart that carry varying degrees of influence. There are numbers all around us that we encounter throughout each day that affect us, or are there as guides, like arrows along a path or tell-tale signs of what’s to come. However, the three aforementioned numbers-the Life Path being strongest and most important- govern, to  a certain extent, the vibration of one’s current incarnation, the vibration and influence of the current 12 month cycle this incarnation is passing through, and the influence of the place where this incarnation resides. Because these three things are staples in our reality and are generally present for considerably extended amounts of time, (but are still compartmentalized into easily discernible cycles), it is incredibly important to acknowledge the influences they may bring, to help one understand the nature of circumstances that may occur, how to maneuver one’s way around them, and what it is that one is to learn from said current cycle (as ALL of, well... EVERYTHING is about the learning process towards ascension). Numerology empowers you to view these elements of your reality in a completely different light to see subtle influences and developed patterns which can then be counteracted with knowledge and wisdom. Here I’ll explain how The Number One can hold influence for all three elements of one’s reality, as Life Path Number, a Personal Year Number, and a House Number.

Number One Life Path:

Independence, scholarship, leadership, force, and power, are all hallmark terms that describe the energy of the Life Path Number One. The number one takes no shit, and wants nothing more than to lead all of it’s admiring followers (and there are many) through the heart of its own agenda. Life Path Number 1 folks were likely entrepreneur-minded before it was cool, holding a determinative stance on who they are and what they believe in from the get. It also must be noted that at the core of all of this, lies a heart of gold. As fierce, forceful, and powerful as the Life Path One is with it’s unique insights and ideals, it Loves with just as much, if not more tenacity and strength, making a Life Path One really hard not to Love. Inherently authoritative and always the one to get shit done, it’s incredible will power is matched by few. Because of their incessant pursuit of what they desire and believe is important, Life Path Number One’s  are rarely “failures”, and are often times renowned for their success. As there are two sides to every token (as duality somewhat rules this plane of existence), there are also negative attributes to be considered and avoided.

Life Path Number One’s are known for their “My way or the highway” antics, their forcefulness at times morphing into single-mindedness and condescension  if they are not mindful of how they communicate and/or view a situation or other people. Ones have been known to be cold and insensitive, as they can easily become blinded by their own motives and goals. Alternatively, if the One does not step into it’s natural position of authority (from a place of love, of course) a One can easily fall into passivity, unhappily being a sheep, unbalanced in its dependence of others as it is not aligning with it’s true purpose of power and leadership. So if you’re a Life Path One, ovary up, get shit done and CONQUER THE WORLD. Your world, that is.  

Find your Life Path Number by reducing the day, month and year of your birth down to a single digit by adding them all together. For example…Olivia’s birthday is December 10th, 1993, and numerologically would look like this:

Month: 1+2= 3

Day: 1+0=1

Year: 1+9+9+3= 22, 2+2=4

Add all three numbers together: 3+1+4= 8

Lady Luck Olivia’s Life Path number is 8. Yes, this means she is infinite ;)

Number One Personal Year:

Because the number one initiates, a Number One Personal Year is allll about new beginnings and embarking on a new chapter, new adventures for you to devour and learn from.* This year is also about independence and getting things done on your own and stepping into your personal power. This is a great time to start a new business, relocate, start a new relationship, business or personal, etc. The One is about starts. This is where you’re constructing a foundation--make sure it’s a solid one--to build the following 8 years of this cycle upon. Usually what you find yourself doing the most or pouring yourself into the most during a Number one personal year is what will transpire throughout said remaining 8 years. You’re literally weaving together a certain vibration that will extend itself through the tapestry of that current life cycle, always being present  in one way or another, continuously reoccurring through many of your life circumstances. It is in your best interest to maximize on this energy and follow where it leads you (or furthermore where you’re leading yourself) as this is a path that is directly meant for you, and opportunities related to it will present themselves with ease. The One Personal Year is here to teach you that it is up to you to CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. This life is no one’s but YOURS and the One Personal Year is a golden opportunity to paint a detailed picture of exactly how you want your life to look for the next 9 years. Paint wisely :)

Find your Personal Year Number by adding the month and day of your birth along with the year you are making the calculation for. For example, Olivia’s Personal Year number for 2016 would be:

Birth Month: 1+2= 3

Birth Day: 1+0= 1

Current Year: 2+0+1+6= 9

Add all three numbers together: 3+1+9= 13, 1+3= 4

Olivia’s Personal Year Number for 2016 is 4 (significance explained in the future)

Number One House Number:

Simple things like what country, what state, what city, what neighborhood (and the mindset of its inhabitants) you live in all effect your way of life in subtle (or not so subtle) but sure ways, so why wouldn’t the house you live in and it’s vibration affect you? Yup, that’s right IT DOES. A Number One House Number, as the rest of things represented by a number One, is all about independence. The number One House house can be considered “The Boss’ house,” as it likely will inspire creativity, self-care, self-reliance and the initiative to start new things, be it a business or other ventures with intention and persistence, and of course eventually success. This house is not the best when seeking partnership or over-arching harmony with others, as the One house is all about  building the self. It may inspire one to truly step into one’s own personal power, strengthening one’s sense of self-reliance, self-confidence and determination, the strongest leadership aspects of its resident being amplified. Hot power colors like red, blood-orange and gold are suggested for this house, and will only add to it’s inherent vibration of personal empowerment.

To find your house number, add and reduce to a single digit the address numbers outside your door, or your apartment number, and reduce it to a single digit. For example: The address 2839 N. 48th St. would be:

2+8+3+9= 22, 2+2= 4

This house would be a stable number 4.

If you live in an apartment, simply adding together the numbers on your front door will do. For example, apartment number 13 would be:


This apartment would also be a stable number 4.

*It must be said that 2017 is Universal Year Number One, bringing in brand new beginnings for the planet as a whole!! :D This fact is evident in politics alone, and should be heeded.

More numbers are on the way to help you understand better wtf is going on around here!!

Happy Lunar First Quarter, and as always, thanks for reading! See you soon, and remember to #KeepDancing!