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777-9311 | The Number Five

Here we’ve hit a midpoint in the numerology cycle, a time for change, a time to shift, a time for a bit of upheaval, if you will.

The number 5 is all about movement, change, momentum. This is a cycle when things start to pick up and change in unexpected directions. In the midst of the cycle of this number, you’ll be taken for a ride.

The Number Five Personal Year

It’s been said that if each yearly cycle was a highway, the number 5 would be the widest and the busiest. This is definitely true regarding the frequency of this year. Buckling up and staying focused is the best way to weather this exciting, busy, Mercury-natured year. This year brings about a bundle of opportunity, and an urge for continued movement and creation. You’ll likely want to relocate or travel and the opportunity to do so will be at your fingertips. Be receptive and open to your urges to create in all forms that you feel. Making solid plans and having a loose sense of structure of some sort around them, using the skills acquired from the stable nature of the previous 4 personal year, will prove to help you in numerous ways. This sense of stability and focus will aid in achieving the creative ideas that are sure to flow like water throughout this year. Those going through this cycle are also known to be a bit indulgent in the recreational substances. Since this is a very high energy, active year, you’ll likely want to be very social as well, and want to truly treat your senses.

The only possible “downside” to this year, is, because you are prone to movement and change and indulgence, excess can crop up as well. Excessive drug use or excessive sex can take place, emphasized by lack of focus if one is not careful, leading to quite a mess that will be unpleasant to say the least once the 6 year energy rolls around.

The Number 5 Life Path

The life path number five is active and full of energy and loves to be constantly on the move. Freedom, change and versatility are hallmark terms of this number, as stagnancy is something that simply does not fly with a Life Path Number 5. It takes a while for the life path 5 to settle down with a partner, as this number loves the liveliness and variety of dating and meeting new people. Due of this, and due to being prone to break a few too many rules by nature, the number 5 Life Path may indeed make many mistakes or give their heart to the wrong person. But with focus and the trusting of higher-self instincts, this number will link with the right person or circumstance that will enable them their desired freedoms and path.

The Number 5 House

The Number 5 house is the party house! The doors of this house are always swinging open to company and friends, and this home is likely to house artists and creatives. The ever-changing energy of the 5 house is wonderful for singles who work in freelance, as this is a fantastic energy to navigate with a career that is just as ever-changing. Because of the active nature of the 5, this house will likely have many electronics that will allow for communication of all sorts, considering the mercurial frequency of the 5. The décor and look of this house is likely to change often for the same reasons, maintaining the essence of constant fluctuation in this household. Inhabitants may be prone to restlessness, and couples may encounter problems, especially if one person of the pair wants serious commitment. If looking for stability, this is not the house where you will find it. Mercury Retrograde also tends to affect this house more so than others, considering that Mercury rules the number 5.

Stay tuned for more Numerology, and thanks for reading!!  As always, remember to #keepdancing