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Featured Artist Interview: Brandon Breaux

A considerable amount of fashion for today’s generation of youth and inventive minds consist of graphic tees for men and women and alike. When not decked out in layers of the finest textiles, leathers and seamless silhouettes, the simplicity of denim and cotton comes to the rescue. However, for those who are ever fashion conscious, even in the simplest attire, the clothing must speak.

 Brandon Breaux wearing The Magnificent Mile and  a King Tut gold chain. 

Brandon Breaux wearing The Magnificent Mile and  a King Tut gold chain. 

Art Director and Owner of local clothing company Ends/Wealth Corp. Brandon Breaux has put a youthful, innovative spin on graphic tee illustration. Before the brand started in 2005, the concept was suggested to be loosely based on “wealth” and achievement. After bouts of brainstorming and contemplation, Ends/Wealth Corp was born, with a driving force of individuality, Chicago culture, and the attainment of wealth—wealth in the ambiguous sense that its substance is in the eye of the beholder. When asking the specific meaning of the name, Brandon stated, “Ends was a slang word for money, as in ‘making ends meet’. We wanted the name to be about acquiring wealth—or one’s meaning of it—by doing what it is that they love to do and what’s important to them”. The forward slash in the name represents the transition that such a career leap creates, between making ends meet, and the wealth attained through creative liberation and success.


Brandon has created illustrations for big names such as Hennessy Black, DNA 2050 and Akira Chicago just to name a few. Breaux is pictured here wearing a graphic tee of local designers The Magnificent Mile, a mid-length gold chain weighed by a stylish gold head of King Tut, relaxed fit distressed blue denim, and Air Jordan III sneakers. Find the Ends/Wealth Corp. website here.