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Featured Artist Interview: Eryn Allen Kane

Eryn Allen Kane has recently become a name, if not THE name to speak of amongst Chicago tongues. Her endearing talent as an actress and musical innovation as a recording artist has gained recognition from unprecedented music icons Aretha Franklin and Prince, creating a buzz of anticipation for her debut album dropping in early 2014.

I was excited to get a brief glimpse of the budding Icon's roots and to get a bit of a deeper look into who she really is...

 Eryn Allen Kane

Eryn Allen Kane

Valencia: Tell us a bit about how you got started in the performing arts industry. What initially attracted you to acting and singing?

Eryn: It’s always been a part of my life I guess. My mom put me in the church choir in Conant Gardens, Detroit, when I was about six. I was impressed by gospel singers and gospel music, so between that and what my mom and dad would play around the house, I became passionate about music really early. I eventually attended Detroit School of the Arts for two years in HS, the same school Aaliyah attended, which was also pretty inspiring. As far as acting goes, I’ve just always had fun doing it. My brother and I would tape record skits and come up with characters when we were kids and I guess it just evolved from that.

V: What artists (recording or otherwise) and actors have been some of your biggest influences in music an acting?

E: I have a lot of favorites and influences. Richelle Farrell is someone I look up to vocally, as well as Karen Clark Sheard and Aretha Franklin. On the acting side, Meryl Streep is very inspiring because she has such an incredible range.

  Eryn Allen Kane and her co-star Austin Vesely in Sex Tape Day

 Eryn Allen Kane and her co-star Austin Vesely in Sex Tape Day

V: A lot of Gen-Y people are seemingly obsessed with innovation, the growth of every creative industry and setting new standards for which to express themselves. Both the video and track for "Hollow" is ground-breaking in its use of organic elements, while teetering the lines of different musical genres, to the point of gaining recognition from Prince, a music Icon who has been known to do the same. How do you feel music is changing right now and where do you feel you fit in?

 E:Thank you so much for your compliments regarding "Hollow"! The Prince thing is sort of indicative of what I see changing in music. That whole thing just blows my mind. I still can't believe that happened. The fact that Prince tweeted my video, is really just proof of what crazy things can happen in this current era where artists have an abundance of platforms to showcase their art. As far as where I see the direction of music going, I feel that artists are taking more liberties with their music and presentation of it than ever before. "Genre lines" are getting blurred and people are just creating without necessarily trying to fit into any particular category of music, which I think is cool. My projects will always be cohesive, but within each track the audience will definitely hear and feel the different influences that speak to me. Also, any aesthetic surrounding my music, whether it be a music video like "Hollow," or a piece of album artwork, will always be well thought out and represent me to the fullest. I am not sure where I fit in just yet in the music world. My manager describes my music to people as "something you could listen to 50 years ago...and 50 years from now." so I guess I will just roll with that for now haha.

Above, view the video "HOLLOW" from Eryn Allen Kane.

V:What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

E: I’m excited to announce that I will be releasing an EP in early 2014. It’s all my original music. It’s pretty stripped down, not to the degree of “Hollow,” but minimal instrumentation. In the lead up to that release, I’ll likely put out another music video single. So please find me on Twitter, Facebook etc. to keep up with all announcements leading up to the release! 


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