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Featured Artist Interview: Celebrity Stylist Law Roach

Law Roach is proving to be one of the most sought after stylists in Hollywood, snagging big name clients like Brandy, Monica (Yes the Brandy and Monica!), and sweet as pie Zendaya just to name a few. I was lucky enough to catch a word with He Who Robes as a delayed flight held his fierceness captive in Puerto Rico.


CC:  Tell us about your history before styling?

LR:  Basically, I just started really collecting all vintage. I had a vintage archive that ranged from the 50s-90s.  I was lending out my clothing then just started doing the styling myself.  Then I was a vintage boutique curator, and then stylist. 

CC: Why do you think the vintage aesthetic caught your eye, as opposed to something more  modern.

LR: I just have an affinity for vintage fashion. At salvation army one day, I found a day dress I loved from the 70s, and that's how it all started. 

CC: Celebrities hire stylists obviously for their specific inherent and honed knack for fashion.  Though you style each individual to their liking and to heighten their assets… how do you feel Law is reflected in looks you craft?

LR: I have a really high-end aesthetic, clean, sophisticated, rich, not necessarily pricey. 

 Just a few of Law's flawless looks. 

Just a few of Law's flawless looks. 

CC: You've had success working on both coasts and in the midwest. What market do you feel fits you best, and why? Did each market speak to you differently as an artist?

LR: I'm a Chicago boy with a New York sensibility. New York is fashion. LA is the land of comfort and cotton. New York is the land of style.

CC: How does your relationship with your subject affect how you dress them or what you dress them in?

LR: To me the level of trust makes a big difference. The more they trust me, the more I can push the limit, push their comfort level.  Zendaya trusts me 100%, even if she doesn't like it, she still trusts me through hair and makeup,  and to the end of the look.

CC:  Is there anything exciting coming up you'd like to tell us about?

LR: I'm currently doing a traveling 5 city tour on how to become a successful stylist, in a market that is not necessarily made for styling. It's called Stylewise Academy.

After wrapping the first installment of Style Wise Academy in Chicago this April, the seminar is headed to Detroit, Milwaukee,  Indiannapolis, and Saint Louis. SWA is a 1 day, 6 hour seminar. It's a  comprehensive class on how to become a stylist, what it is that stylists do, set etiquette for being on a photoshoot, what it means to be an independent contractor, taxes etc. Tickets are $325 each. 

Learn more about Stylewise Academy at www.stylewiseacadeymy.com, and book your next fLAWless look with Law Roach here.


P.S... back in Law's curating days, we had a blast working together on this video For Deliciously Vintage. Enjoy! #tbt