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Behind The Scenes: Fantasia Industries Photo Shoot

Since about this time last year, I've been a natural Nancy, relishing in my curly locks, the density of it, the care of it, the newness of it. But recently for an ad campaign, I was asked to chop, straighten, and re-invent my mane. Having recent sketchy experiences of somewhat foreign fingers in my 'fro, I was skeptical about taking on such a drastic change. I then learned more about the product I would be shooting for and where the product would primarily be marketed...that's when everything changed. 


Fantasia Industries is a beauty corporation that markets its products primarily within the incredible continent of Africa, to black women who have a unique,  non America-tainted perspective on beauty, and what it means to be beautiful as a black woman. Because of how the straightening of black hair came about historically in the United States of America--as a passage of whiteness, even a currency of sorts-- decades later, a strong cultural distaste for manipulating the natural black curl arose. This ripple caused a wave, a movement if you will,  redefining and reshaping the ideals of the masses, changing what beauty means within the black community and all it's varied subcultures.

 Madame CJ Walker, self-made millionaire, and first to start a complete black hair care line in early 1900s

Madame CJ Walker, self-made millionaire, and first to start a complete black hair care line in early 1900s

As this movement has reached an apex within the last ten years, eyes and minds are opening to different shades of blackness, different lifestyles, and different mindsets that exist outside of our four American walls. In the land of the free, maybe our minds are not as free as we think...

Black Model Pat Evans escapes stigmas and standards of any race, hairless in her fearless beauty.

After being greeted with a blanket of enlightenment, I was more than happy to toss my tresses, and start anew with a new outlook that was slightly different than any I'd had before. 

During the shoot for Fantasia Industries I got to meet an amazing group of black women, their shades of uniqueness just as varied and beautiful as their hairstyles and gorgeous skin tones. Not to mention, the hair and makeup team was on point!!

Christina getting camera-ready with makeup by Marcus Geeter

 Marcus Geeter paints Christina for the gods before she hops onset. 

Beautiful Dijonaise and I catching a moment between sets.

Beautiful Dijonaise and I snagged a moment for a chat and off-set pics.

Photographer Akin Girav reviewing his awesome work.

I'm also preeeetty sure this guy was holding his phone when he wasn't holding his camera. Ah, the consequences of being an awesome photographer. Akin Girav was the perfect man for the job. 

Sam and Eunice Picking out the right combination of dresses

Wardrobe Stylist Sam and Creative Director Eunice selecting wardrobe for the perfect aesthetic combination.

Paula Michelle, Myself, Christina, and Dijonaise

And the shoot was a success! I'm so excited that I got to experience a new approach and perspective on what black female beauty can shamelessly be, no matter what continent you're on...historical baggage checked politely at the door.