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Vudu Tarot Creates Change In Colorless Mysticism

Being immersed in the world of divinatory tarot for over half a decade, long time illustrator and developer Monroe Rodriguez Singh noticed a reoccurring trend that's a not-so-uncommon one for those of dark-hued skin worldwide. A vast majority of the tarot decks that he’d found were lacking representation of African characters, with those that were scarcely in circulation being obtuse or complete misrepresentations. 

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Being a lover of the mystic art of divination within the American Tarot Association and nimbly skilled at illustration and graphic arts, Monroe saw a gaping void that he was equipped to leap into. Thinking quick on his feet, Singh developed the idea of the Vudu Tarot, a beautifully designed tarot card deck with 79 distinct characters inspired from Catholic Saints and Afro Caribbean Mythologies, among other cultural and spiritual sources. Some of these sources include Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Latin America and India. Each deck comes engrained with regal gold foil for impeccable imperial detail. 

.Accompanying each deck is a 100-page royal violet rule book of equal value constructed with just as much attention to detail. The set is perfect to be gifted to those with newly diving hands or to those of a weathered oracle. 

The KickStarter to get these gorgeous cards delivered hot off the press shipped from Florida is almost over! View the video below for the Vudu Tarot Kickstarter and pledge to secure your deck for your favorite friend or family mystic. 

View the Kickstarter page here.