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Beauty Supplies For The South Side Mystic : Historically Charmed Valmor Products

Chicago-based cosmetics, beauty and curios brand Valmor Products was a line of curiously wrapped items reputedly charmed with magic to bring love, luck and success. "Love for Sale: The Art of Valmor Products", gave us a detailed look on the long-gone supposedly magical cosmetics and curios brand. A tour through these vivid illustrations unveiled the mysticism and innovation that Valmor Products brought to black haircare marketing, and the Chicago black hair care community as a whole. 

During the early 20th century, Valmor products snagged the attention and wallets of young black Chicagoan consumers by merging the appeal of Southern tradition and magic with the growing demand of popular grooming and beauty standards. The classic allure and mysticism of voodoo paired perfectly with a new global cultural desire for "civilized", straight hair and acquired beauty, making the business a lucrative one. 

look over me boy.JPG

Using the residual appeal of traditions rooted in voodoo and Southern magical practices, Valmor Products were known for their magnetizing graphic illustrations, brilliant in splashes of primary color. The curios and beauty line's golden years of production are around the early Warner Bros., Betty Boop and pin-up eras. The endearingly vintage illustrations reflect this fact. 

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