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CC Artist Pick | 5 Artists To Know Now

Ever wonder who modern-day Picassos, Van-Goghs, and Dahlis might be? I'm no art buff, but the depth and complexity of some modern art as of late might rival some of the aforementioned artistic geniuses. Here are a few gifted illustrators, painters, and the like  that caught my eye and kept me gazing...

1. Cyril Rolando

The 28 year old Clinical Psychologist by day and artist by night sums up his works in one word: otherworldly. Rolando's surrealistic illustrations are quite honestly nothing short of the boast, with great use of space and perspective, consistently complimented by a bold yet dreamy color palette. 

Secret Path.jpg

2. Victor V. De La Rocha III

Victor, The self proclaimed "Lone Wolf" who, "Runs with a select wolf pack", has been known recently for creating haunting portraits of his randomly selected Instagram followers with several rows of horizontal eyes. 

 His color works are undeniably just as beautiful. 

3. Melanie Delon

Delon's pieces contain every flavour possible of sci-fi fantasy beauty. The ethereal works are predominantly feminine in nature, some straight out of your favorite mythological texts. 

4. Appollonia Saint Clair

As 95% of Saint Clair's  illustrations are NSFW, some of the images tightrope the line between risque and grotesque in matters of expression of human anguish and it's possible opposite, passion. Apollonia's offbeat and honest approach to viewing the human body, sexuality, and unadulterated desire make her a favorite on this list.  

5. Naim

Last but not least, a fantastically queer black artist who is incredible at capturing the melanin dominant woman in a very abstract, magical way. The strokesmith goes solely by the name of Naim (how Madonna) and is a bit of a diamond in the rough, oozing an immense amount of talent that doesn't get nearly enough attention.  

It's always fascinating to see both up and coming and established artists and the wealth of unique visions they share with us. Any artists lately  catch your eye or touch your soul?? Feel free to enlighten below.