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Ethiopia Skate | Grassroots Organization Supports Ethiopian Skateboarding Youth

Ethiopia Skate is a gold mine find, an organization that sees the importance of alternative sports in communities of youth and the unifying sense of camaraderie it can bring. The grassroots skateboarding organization provides equipment and creates facilities to support a skateboarding culture that is just now getting started, growing quickly, and making history in Ethiopia and  all over the world.

Some 50 years after the Western skateboarding movement started and changed the lives of thousands of youth across America, the alternative sport has sprouted it's head in the Horn of Africa, in the streets of Ethiopia. The organization was started by a then 16 year old youngin' skater by the name of Abenezer Temesgen [pictured above] who connected with veteran skater Addisu Hailemichael and other diaspora skaters, and began forming the local skateboarding community.


The group grew and conjured photographers and skaters from across the country, it's momentum making it possible to provide this generation of skaters with facilities and gear to nourish their growing tight knit communities.

"We are stoked to learn language, balance, and patience through skating with friends."

Village mentality and Western alternative sports has merged to create a safe inspiring network of like-minded communities of youth in Ethiopia and across the globe. 

 Ethiopia Skate collaborated with half Swedish, half Malawian afrobeat duo, The Very Best to create the music video below featuring the skateboarding youth in their element. Watch them take the streets of Awassa and Addis Ababa, the latter the home of Ehiopia Skate.