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Planetary Dances | The Venus Expedition

Venus has been notably coquettish with her travels and transits as of late. The month of July started out on the heels of the incredibly rare and affectionate Venus-Jupiter conjunction.  The elusive dance of the two abundant planets created the bright starry illusion that was said to be sighted as the Star of Bethlehem for the first time between 3 and 2 B.C.  For many of us, the effects of this conjunction may have meant a sudden influx of romantic tides, a gust of warmth fused into friendships,  a sweetened deal in creative pursuits, or even a bit of beautifying your body or home base. Despite your destiny,  this Venus transit was sure to be a pleasure pusher.

After putting on quite the brilliant show during her rare passing kiss with expansive Jupiter amid the roaring attention-seeking bed of stars Leo, Venus will retrograde on July 25th in detail-oriented Virgo. Venus passes through the  zodiacal perfectionist Virgo, basking in its beautiful precision for only a portion of her retrograde from July 18 to July 31st. The remainder of her standstill will be in Leo, commencing during the early afternoon of July 1st. 

Her saucy six- week perceived back- step will put an emphasis on beauty, love, relationships, and elements of comfort and creativity that will feel to be somewhat in opposition to your norm, and will likely need review and reconsideration.  Whether it be a sudden uncanny importance that aesthetics hold, a business or romantic partnership you thought was a good fit but true nature reveals otherwise, or something from your past that is attached to any of these elements of your life may return to serve a lesson or a treat.

 2012 Transit of Venus

2012 Transit of Venus

Venus will be doing this mysteriously flirtatious dance until she stations direct on September 6th in Leo, but the scent of her bittersweet perfume during this reverse will only fully disperse by October 9th. By this time the retrograde's shadow period will have fully dissipated, restoring order to all things beauty-oriented in your hemisphere.  

Stay tuned for more Planetary Dances, an inside look at the current happenings of your galactic neighborhood.