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Are you a writer? Do you Love horror? Want in on some creepy shit??

7 Deities Cosplay is hosting Ghoulish Goddess Night, a special reading event and Open Mic for the 8th annual Women in Horror Month here in Chicago! We're creating a space for underrepresented women who write fiction and creative non fiction in the horror genre. 

Ghoulish Goddess Night will celebrate women in horror and their works, encourage networking, collaborative projects, connect writers with new readers, as well as provide a platform for women horror writers to share their work outside the digital space.

Bring a friend, your favorite horror passage (written by you or someone else) and be ready to hear some stories you won't forget! 

Ghoulish Goddess Night will be held during the first Solar Eclipse of the year on Sunday, February 26th at 7pm at Chicago's premiere comic book shop Chicago Comics

Slots for performers are *extremely* limited, so make sure to submit your creepiest work now to 7DeitiesCosplay@gmail.com. Please submit only one piece or excerpt of no more than 1000 words long. 

Gourmet wine, chocolate and cheese will be provided for all Ghoulish Goddesses.

For all inquiries contact 7DeitiesCosplay@gmail.com

We can't wait to hear from you!